Arts Council Collection


Artwork Date

Winter Landscape Near Lavenham
Suddaby, Rowland b.1912 d.1973
Wolsey's Tower (Design for mural for Merton Priory Civic Restaurant)
Piper, John b.1903 d.1992
Colquhoun, Robert b.1914 d.1962
Woman in a Cafe
(no. 4 of a set of 6 lithographs, 3 by Robert Colquhoun & 3 by Robert MacBryde)
MacBryde, Robert b.1913 d.1966
Spear, Ruskin b.1911 d.1990
Woman Reading, Child In Cot
La Dell, Edwin b.1914 d.1970
Miró, Joan b.1893 d.1983
Colquhoun, Robert b.1914 d.1962
Women Winding Wool
Moore, Henry b.1898 d.1986
Hardy, Bert b.1913 d.1995
Young boys of the Wagogo tribe during circumcision rites
Rodger, George b.1908 d.1995