Arts Council Collection


Artwork Date

MacTaggart, Sir William PRSA b.1903 d.1981
Woman, 1959
Fullard, George b.1923 d.1973
Woman and Bird
Evans, Merlyn b.1910 d.1973
King, Phillip b.1934
Woman in the Snow
Fell, Sheila b.1931 d.1979
Woman Waking Up
Caro, Anthony b.1924 d.2013
Woman with dark hair
Hilton, Roger b.1911 d.1975
Working Model for Reclining Figure: Internal/External Form
Moore, Henry b.1898 d.1986
Yellow Circle
Vezelay, Paule b.1892 d.1984
Yellow Valley
Gross, Anthony b.1905 d.1984
Fozard, Richard b.1925 d.2000