Arts Council Collection


Urban Scene

Hardy, Bert b.1913 d.1995
A London family bombed out of their home during the night, salvage a few personal belongings on the pavement
Rodger, George b.1908 d.1995
A614, 1980
Moore, Raymond b.1920 d.1987
Abandoned Cars - E.13
Claridge, John b.1944
Aberbeeg Junction, Wales 1978
McCormick, Ron b.1947
Admiralty Arch
Jones, Lucy b.1955
Ah! Que la vie est quotidienne
Poèmes et Planches - Jules Laforgue
French Edition B
Caulfield, Patrick b.1936 d.2005
Alfreton Road 1979
Waplington, Paul b.1938
Brandt, Bill b.1904 d.1983
Armco Steel, Ohio 1922
Weston, Edward b.1886 d.1958
Arrangement in Turquoise and Cream
Hepher, David b.1935