Arts Council Collection



Language: Life Lines
Language: Life Lines, 1986 to 1987
Plackman, Carl b.1943 d.2004
Machine Men Starting the Cut
McGuinness, Tom b.2006
Man Rider
Man Rider, 1977
McGuinness, Tom b.2006
Corrigan, Dennis
Motor Figure
Paolozzi, Eduardo b.1924 d.2005
New Rules
New Rules, 1985
Webb, Boyd b.1947
North Sea
Uzzle, Burk b.1938
One of a Miniature Portfolio
Phillips, Peter b.1939
Piano 1
Piano 1, 1971 to 1972
Millington, Terence b.1942
Portrait of a Welsh Farming Community
Wells, Susan b.1952
Pressure Point 1
Pressure Point 1, 1987 to 1988
Carter, Anthony b.1943
Kawachi, Shigeyuki b.1948