Arts Council Collection

Wainwright, Chris b.1955
Blake, Peter b.1932
'Gate', 1976
Mitchell, John b.1942
'Gloss', 1975
Robbins, Bruce b.1946
'Hillhead', Eileen
Fergusson, J.D. b.1874 d.1961
'Horizons 2'
Loker, John b.1938
King, Dave b.1946
'Hyphens - Generators'
Neagu, Paul b.1938 d.2004
'I find his attempts to clarify the neo-plasticist stance a trifle wearing' muttered Ken
Baxter, Glen b.1944
Blake, Peter b.1932
'It should be both a reminder and a punishment' (from The Ten Point Plan for a Better Helsinki)
Crowe, Nick b.1968
'Night and Day' (1 hour)
Ackling, Roger b.1947 d.2014