Arts Council Collection


1999 - Sublime: The Darkness and Light

© Tina Keane, Transposition, 1995.

29 Jun 1999 - 23 Jul 2000

Since earliest times, artists have sought to give form to human experience that is beyond the mundane realities of the everyday. This metaphysical realm adds a dimension to life that can inspire bliss and exhilaration as well as fear and dread. At the end of the millennium, artists continued to attempt to express the inexpressible, and to evoke the frailty of human feelings in the face of the boundlessness of nature. Some rely on the power of colour, form and light, while others still call on the assistance of angels, demons and myths.  This National Touring Exhibition from the Hayward Gallery presented paintings, sculptures, installation, video and film works from the Arts Council Collection, purchased over the previous 20 years.