Arts Council Collection


2007 - Janice Kerbel

© Jane Kerbel. Installation view Longside Gallery

Catch This: Janice Kerbel

Longside Gallery
1 Sep - 28 Oct 2007

This exhibition featured the radio play Nick Silver Can't Sleep, 2006, the first sound piece ever to be acquired for the Arts Council Collection.

Artist Janice Kerbel has created a sublime love story which features the voice of Rufus Sewell and concerns two species of plant, one who desperately desires the other but who are destined botanically never to meet. The narrative intertwines Kerbel's botanical research with material gleaned from interviews with insomnia sufferers. Home Garden Climates, 2004 consists of nine plans for plausible yet improbable gardens that could flourish in indoor climates such as a launderette, a restaurant or a Victorian terrace house.