Arts Council Collection


Extra-Ordinary. Alternative Perspectives on the Everyday

artsdepot, London
23 September – 21 November 2010
This exhibition brings together a selection of works that explore the ordinary and everyday, offering new perspectives on the world around us. Interior and exterior spaces are presented in ways that transform the commonplace to challenge our contemporary perceptions of beauty and nature.
In our fast- paced, image overloaded world this focus on alternative viewpoints and overlooked areas provides a  place in which to slow down and reconsider how people, emotions, objects and spaces affect our perception and definition of what is beautiful.
Featured artists: Keith Arnatt, Gerry Badger, Fiona Crisp. Mauricio Guillen, Susan Hiller, Rut Blees Luxembourg, Elizabeth Magill, Alison Marchant, Vicken Parsons, John Riddy, Nigel Shafran, Armando Andrade Tudela, Richard Wentworth, Jane and Louise Wilson and Paul Winstanley.