Arts Council Collection


Objects of Delight: Personal Choices from the ACC

© Duncan Grant, The Doorway, 1929
QUAD, Derby
13 November 2010 - 16 January 2011
Objects of Delight marks the climax of a nine-month project in which fourteen older members of the Derby community have curated a major exhibition for QUAD. The group of curators, who are aged between 55 and 75, come with a wealth of expertise and experience from a variety of backgrounds and all share an enthusiasm for the arts. They have researched and discussed contemporary art, some for the first time, and as a result have selected this exhibition from the Arts Council Collection. As part of the process, the curators made trips to art stores in London and Yorkshire to view the collection and to make their final choices. The works chosen date from 1929 to 2003 and include sculpture and painting by artists including Sir William Nicolson, L.S Lowry, David Hockney, Gillian Ayres, Grayson Perry and Anya Gallaccio.