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Sculpture out of Landscape

© the artist. Cornelia Parker, Neither From Nor Towards, 1992
Sculpture out of Landscape
28 January - 25 March 2012
On the 28th of January The Usher Gallery will open its doors to “Sculpture out of Landscape”, a new collaborative exhibition featuring the works of renowned British sculptors Cornelia Parker and Richard Long.
We brought you news of this a while ago, but as the excitement leading up to the event gathers momentum we thought we’d remind you of just what there is in store.
Richard Long will be exhibiting “Stone Circle 1972″. He first became prominent in the 1960′s and has been bringing his experiences of British landscape, history and geology into galleries ever since. The stones used in “Stone Circle” were found by the artist himself at Portishead near the mouth of the River Avon and he has arranged and crafted them into the beautiful pieces of art we see today. 
Cornelia Parker’s piece is called “Neither From Nor Towards”. This gravity defying suspended sculpture is made up of fragments of orange sea-worn brick gathered from the eroded coast near Dover. The violent elements that formed these fragments are implicit in the work. Parker is famous for her extreme processes of production, for example flattening elements by steam roller or having them shot or exploded. She began exhibiting internationally in the earl 1990′s.
We are very excited to be playing host to two such well established artists and we hope that you will come along and enjoy what are two truly remarkable visual spectacles that have helped shape the landscape of contemporary art across the United Kingdom.
Admission is, as always, free, and the exhibition runs until the 25th of March