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Select: Crazy Damn Right I'm Crazy

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
11 October 2008 – 18 January 2009
The Art Ambassadors programme is an initiative started in 2006 by the Ferens with the aim of developing younger audiences for the visual arts.  Aged between 18-25, the Art Ambassadors work with gallery staff to increase visits by their peers to the gallery.  However, it became apparent that in order to increase visits, the Ambassadors needed to be directly involved with the exhibition programming to enable a greater sense of ownership and greater levels of advocacy.
Following an approach from the Ferens, the Ambassadors worked with the Collection staff at both the Longside and the London stores and finally decided on youth as the theme for their exhibition.  They developed an ambitious show which included work by Tracey Emin, Ross Sinclair, David Hockney and Seamus Nicholson.  Working on all aspects of the exhibition including marketing, interpretation and design, they were able to improve their understanding of how an exhibition is produced and also their knowledge of post-war British Art.