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Select: Sixties Summer

© the artists. Installation view Leamington Spa Art Gallery
Leamington Spa Art Gallery
13 August – 4 October 2009
This exhibition of large-scale sculpture and paintings from the 1960s brought together a selection of works made in the opening years of the decade and provided a dramatic and colourful overview of the style that defined and inspired a generation.  Chloe Johnson, the curator, worked closely with the Collection on the selection of work, which included a number of recently restored sculptures. The collaboration developed from working closely with Leamington on two Arts Council Collection exhibitions over the last year, and featured the art of the decade after Geometry of Fear.
The exhibition focused on the work of eight artists - four sculptors: Phillip King, Tim Scott, William Tucker and Kenneth Draper, and four painters: Robyn Denny, Jeremy Moon, Michael Kidner and Richard Smith.