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Select: The White Show

Pitzhanger Manor
19 August – 27 September 2009
The exhibition was held in the gallery attached to Sir John Soane’s house, Pitzhanger Manor, in Ealing Broadway, London.  Taking cues from its high-summer timing, as well as from Soane’s interest in neo-classical architecture, the exhibition brought together works in all media, examining the varied symbolism of the colour white.  Works from across the sixty year history of the Collection were brought together, in a way that also reflected the history of Soane’s use of the house as a “salon”, a meeting place for many voices. 
Artists in the exhibition:  Keith Arnat; Art & Language, Keith Coventry, Martin Creed, Ceal Floyer, Andy Goldsworthy, Alex Hartley, Runa Islam, Janice Kerbel, Tania Kovats, Brad Lochore, Mary Martin, John Riddy, Zineb Sedira, Jane Simpson, Jean Spencer, Maud Sulter, Gillian Wisel, Toby Ziegler.