Arts Council Collection


Shortcuts & Digressions

© the artist. Juliette Blightman, Please water the plant and feed the fish, 2008
Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery
Saturday 11 May – Sunday 8 September
Shortcuts & Digressions is a unique selection of sculptural works by leading British artists, recently acquired by the Arts Council Collection. Curated by artist Brian Griffiths to sit alongside his installation in the Castle Keep (during May) this exhibition explores many ideas which characterise his own work: time, movement, travel and the narrative potential of objects.
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A note from Brian Griffiths:
"I have considered this exhibition in the same way I approach making art. I have come to the Arts Council Collection with my own interests, tastes and experiences. To think about the show I started by selecting the works I was intrigued by, or jealous that I hadn’t made, or in some cases that confused me. From here, with a long list of sculptures, links began to form associations and references. Notions of travel in a very loose way guided selection and how works could potentially come together in the galleries.
Shortcuts and Digressions emerged and became important themes and ways of thinking that suggested routes, movement, direction, duration but also allowed space for difference, contradictions and multiple goals for the show. I loved the clarity of SHORTCUTS with the air of efficiency against DIGRESSIONS as a wiggly route with potential of laziness and avoidance. I wanted both to play out…I am hoping this show will make you travel in unexpected and different ways. “

Brian Griffiths