Artist A-Z

Cage, John Chell, Edward Connearn, David
Caivano, Varda Chetwynd, Marvin Gaye Conner, Angela
Callahan, Kit Cheung, Lisa Constable, Martin
Calle, Sophie Chevska, Maria Conway-Challenger, Mark
Callery, Simon Chillida, Eduardo Cook, Barrie
Cameron, Ian Chodzko, Adam Cook, Ben
Camille Chaimowicz, Marc Christo Cook, Richard
Camp, Jeffery Christopherson, John Cook, Roger
Campbell, Bryn Christophorou, Christopher Cooke, Barrie
Campbell, Duncan Chubb, Shirley Coombes, Andrew
Campbell, Steven Chuhan, Jagjit Coombs, Daniel
Campigli, Massimo Church, Katharine Cooper, Clement
Cannon, Mark Cina, Colin Cooper, Eileen
Capogrossi, Guiseppe Citroen, Paul Cooper, Julian
Caponigro, Paul Citron, Minna Cooper, Thomas Joshua
Carder, Malcolm Clapham, Peter Coplans, John
Carline, Richard Claridge, John Copnall, John
Carmi, Eugenio Clark, Judy Core, Philip
Carnegie, Gillian Clark, Lygia Corrigan, Dennis
Caro, Anthony Clarke, Geoffrey Cotman, John Sell
Carr, Francis Clarke, John Clem Cottingham, Robert
Carr, Thomas Clarke, Peter Couch, Christopher
Carter, Anthony Clarke, Trevor Coutts, Marion
Carter, B.A.R. Clatworthy, Robert E. Coutu, Jack
Carter, John Clausen, George Couzins, Richard
Cartmel, Hilary Clave, Antoni Coventry, Keith
Cartwright, Peter Claxton, Ruth Coviello, Peter
Castle, Chris Claydon, Steven Cowan, Judith
Castro, Lourdes Clinch, John Cox, Kenelm
Catling, Brian Clinton, Chris Cox, Lizzie
Cattelan, Maurizio Clough, Prunella Cox, Stephen
Caughlin, Ian Clutton-Brock, Alan Coxon, Raymond
Caulfield, Patrick Clyde, Maggie Coyle, Jane
Cavusoglu, Ergin Cobb, John Cozens-Walker, Mary
Cawkwell, Sarah Cobb, Peter Cragg, Tony
Cesar, Baldaccini Coburn, Jason Craig-Martin, Michael
C├ęzanne, Paul Cocker, Doug Craighead, Alison
Chadwick, David Cockrill, Maurice Craxton, John
Chadwick, Helen Coe, Sue Creed, Martin
Chadwick, Lynn Cohen, Bernard Creffield, Dennis
Chagall, Marc Cohen, Harold Crisp, Fiona
Chalkley, Brian Cohen, Mark Crone, David
Chambers, Eddie Coker, Peter Crowe, Nick
Chambers, Stephen Coldstream, William Crowley, Graham Neil
Chandra, Avinash Coldwell, Paul Crowther, Michael
Chandra, Mohini Cole, Richard Croxon, Jeanne
Channer, Alice Collinge, Anthony Crozier, William
Chaplin, Bob Collins, Cecil Crump, Simon
Chaplin, Stephen Collins, Hannah Crumplin, Colin
Chapman ((b. 1966), (b.1962)) Jake and Dinos Collins, Luke Cruz, Juan
Chapman, Charles Collins, Phil Csato, Georges
Chapman, Christopher Collis, Susan Cuddihy, Mikey
Chapman, George Collishaw, Mat Culbert, Bill
Charlett, Nicole Colquhoun, Glenda A Cumming, Diana
Charlton, Alan Colquhoun, Robert Currall, Alan
Charoux, Jacques Colverson, Ian Currell, Anthony
Chaudhuri, Anju Common Culture (Campbell, David (b.1957), Durden, Mark (b. 1964) Currell, Shelford
Chawdry, Tarik Compston, Joshua Curwood, Colin George
Cheese, Bernard Comrie, Jennifer Cutts, Simon
Cheese, Chloe

The Arts Council Collection is the UK's most widely seen collection of modern and contemporary art.

With nearly 8,000 works by over 2,000 artists, it can be seen in exhibitions and public displays across the country and beyondThis website offers unprecedented access to the Collection, and information about each work can be found on this site.