Artist A-Z

Gabie, Neville Gill, Alison Grant, Duncan
Gabo, Naum Gillick, Liam Grant, Keith
Gabrin, Chris Gillies, William Grassie, Andrew
Gaj, Jacek Gilman, Harold Gravett, Terence
Gallaccio, Anya Ginner, Charles Gray, Alasdair
Gander, Ryan Ginsborg, Michael Grayson, Richard
Gardiner, Clive Gladstone, Gerald Grayson, Roy
Garrard, Rose Gladwell, Rodney Greaves, Derrick
Gasoi, Marvin Gobits, Rolph Green, Alan
Gaudier-Brzeska, H. Goddard, Jonathan Green, Anthony
Gaunt, William Godfrey-Isaacs, Laura Green, Gregory
Gavin, Kent Godwin, Fay Green, Paul
Gear, William Goerg Green, Peter
Gec, Stefan Goings, Ralph Greenham CBE, Peter
General Idea, General Idea Golden, Pamela Greenhill, Richard
Gentilli, Jeremy Golding, John Greenwood, John
Geoffrey, Iqbal Goldsworthy, Andy Grierson, Robin
Georgallas, Georgia Gontarski, Steven Griffin, Brian
George, Patrick Goodwin, Dryden Griffin, Phil
Gerson, Mark Gordon, Douglas Griffith, Gareth
Gertler, Mark Gordon-Craig, Edward Griffiths, Brian
Gerz, Jochen Gore, Spencer F. Griffiths, David
Ghosh, Amal Gormley, Antony Griffiths, Kenneth
Giacometti, Alberto Gosse, Sylvia Griffiths, Mary
Giardelli, Arthur Gotlib, Henryk Grimwood, Alan
Gibbons, John Goto, John Gromaire
Gibbs, Evelyn Gouk, Alan Groom, Jon
Gibbs, Jonathan Gowing, Lawrence Gross, Anthony
Gibson, Lloyd Graeser, Camille Grosshardt, Ferdinand Erwin/E.F
Gibson, Ralph Graham, Dan Guerrier, Barrero
Gielniak, Jozef Graham, Paul Guillen, Mauricio
Gilbert and George Graham, Roberta Guirey, Sylvia
Gilbert, Dave Grainger, Ian Gunning, Lucy
Gilbert, Dick Grandjean, Lee Gupta, Sunil
Gilbert, Stephen Granger, Simon Gussin, Graham
Giles, Tam Granjon, Paul Gwynne-Jones, Allan
Gili, Katherine Gransden, Frances

The Arts Council Collection is the UK's most widely seen collection of modern and contemporary art.

With nearly 8,000 works by over 2,000 artists, it can be seen in exhibitions and public displays across the country and beyondThis website offers unprecedented access to the Collection, and information about each work can be found on this site.