Artist A-Z

Pacheco, Ana Maria Pechstein, Max Piper, Keith
Packard, Simon Peers, Angela Pissarro, Camille
Packer, Sue Pemberton, Muriel Pitchforth, Roland Vivian
Paeffgen, Claus Penalva, Joao Plackman, Carl
Pain, Alex Pennie, Michael Plank, Richard
Palmer, Eugene Penrose, Roland Platt, Richard
Palmer, Katrina Percy, George Plender, Olivia
Palmer, Roger Peress, Gilles Plowman, Chris
Palmer, Susan Peri, Luigi Plumb, John
Panattoni, Fabrizio Peri, Peter Plummer, Robin
Panchal, Shanti Periton, Simon Poliakoff, Serge
Pandhal, Hardeep Perkins, Gary Pollard, Alex
Panek, Jerzy Perrin, Brian Pollard, Ingrid
Pannett, Liz Perry, Charles O. Pollock, Fred
Panora Ltd Perry, Grayson Pollock, Ian
Panos, David Perryman, Margot Polyphoto England Ltd.
Panting, John Perton, Michael Poncelet, Jacqui
Paolozzi, Eduardo Peter, Mick Poons, Larry
Paraskos, Stassinos Petersen, Ad Pope, Nicholas
Park, Emma Petherbridge, Deanna Pope, Terry
Park, Gerald Pethick, Jerry Popova, Yelena
Parker, Cornelia Petor Porter, Michael
Parker, Elaine Phaophanit, Vongphrachanh Porter, Sandy
Parker, Jayne Philipsz, Susan Posen, Stephen
Parr, Martin Phillips, Ciara Potter, Mary
Parsons, David Phillips, Laura Potts, Ian
Parsons, Jonathan Phillips, Nicholas Power, Gary
Parsons, Vicken Phillips, Peter Power, Mark
Partridge, David Phillips, Tom Preece, Patricia
Pasmore, Victor Phillips, Tony Prendergast, Kathy
Pasmore, Wendy Phillipson, Heather Prendergast, Peter
Paterson, Katie Phokela, Johannes Prentice, David
Paterson, Toby Pica, Amalia Price, Elizabeth
Patterson, Richard Picasso, Pablo Price, Joanna
Patterson, Simon Piche, Roland Price, Ken
Paul, Richard Pickett, Edwin Priest, Margaret D.
Payne, Andrew Piesley, Andrew Procktor, Patrick
Payne, Oliver Piesowocki, Leon Prodger, Charlotte
Peacock, Percy Pietsch, Heinz-Dieter Prophet, Jane
Peake, Fabian Pigott, Hadrian Prouvost, Laure
Pearce, Bryan Pincemin, Jean Pierre Purdy, Joanna
Pearce, Charles Maresco Piotrowicz, Edmund Pye, William
Pearcey, Christine Piotrowska, Joanna Pyke, Steve
Pearson, David Piper, John Pyle, Madge

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With more than 8,000 works by over 2,000 artists, it can be seen in exhibitions and public displays across the country and beyond. This website offers unprecedented access to the Collection, and information about each work can be found on this site.