Artist A-Z

Wainwright, Chris Wentworth, Richard Wilson, Gerard
Wakeling, Lance Werkner, Turi Wilson, Hilary
Wakely, Shelagh Weschke, Karl Wilson, Jane and Louise
Waldegg, Peter Weseler, Gunter Wilson, Keith
Waldron, Peter Wesley, John Wilson, Peter
Walker, Barbara Wesselmann, Tom Wilson, R.J.
Walker, Ethel West, Francis Wilson, Richard
Walker, Ian West, Jenny Wilson, Scottie
Walker, John Weston, Edward Wiltshire, Hermione
Walker, Ray Westwood, Martin Wine, Jesse
Walker, Rayne Westwood, Roger Winner, Gerd
Walker, Richard Wewerka, Stefan Winstanley, Paul
Walker, Robert Whamond, Andrew Wise, Derwent
Walker-Barker, David Whipps, Stuart Wise, Gillian
Wall, Brian Whishaw, Anthony Wiseman, David
Wallinger, Mark Whistler, James McNeill Wishart, Michael
Wallis, Alfred Whitaker, David Wiszniewski, Adrian
Walter, John Whitaker, Jon Witkin, Isaac
Walton, Allan Whiteford, Kate Wolmark, Alfred
Walton, Andrew Whiteley, Brett Wolseley, John
Waplington, Paul Whiteread, Rachel Wonnacott, John
Warboys, Jessica Whitfield, Laurence Wood, Christopher
Ward, David Whittaker, Edward Wood, Craig
Ward, Patrick Wigram, Max Wood, Eleanor
Ward, Richard Wild, Tony Wood, John
Ward, T.W. Wilde, David Wood, Kenneth
Wardill, Emily Wilde, Gerald Wood, Lucy
Warhol, Andy Wilding, Alison Woodford, David
Warner, Richard Wilkes, Cathy Woodham, Derrick
Warren, Rebecca Wilkins, John Woodley, Gary
Waterfield, Aubrey Willats, Stephen Woodrow, Bill
Watson, Arthur Willetts, David Woods, Clare
Watson, John Williams Gamaker, Michelle Woods, Richard
Watson, Paul Fletcher Williams, Andrew Woropay, Vincent
Watts, Chris Williams, Aubrey Wou-ki, Zao
Wearing, Gillian Williams, Bedwyr Wragg, Gary
Weatherson, Alexander Williams, Don Wragg, John
Webb, Boyd Williams, Emrys Wright, Annie
Webb, Corinne Williams, Evelyn Wright, Austin
Webb, Gary Williams, Gerard Wright, Edward
Webb, John Williams, Glynn Wright, Elizabeth
Webb, Mary Williams, Joan Wright, Paul David
Webb, Peter Williams, Kyffin Wright, Richard
Webber, Denise Williams, Lois Wright, Sheila
Webster, Catrin Williamson, Aaron Wyatt, Carol
Webster, Norman Williamson, Erlend Wylie, Rose
Weidle, Carina Willing, Victor Wyllie, George
Weight, Carel Willstrop, Dr. Roderick Wyn Evans, Cerith
Weiner, Lawrence Wilmer, Valerie Wyndham, Nicholas
Wellington, Hubert Wilson Steer, Philip Wynne-Jones, Nancy
Wells, John Wilson, Chris Wynter, Bryan
Wells, Susan Wilson, Franklin

The Arts Council Collection is the UK's most widely seen collection of modern and contemporary art.

With more than 8,000 works by over 2,000 artists, it can be seen in exhibitions and public displays across the country and beyond. This website offers unprecedented access to the Collection, and information about each work can be found on this site.