Roger Hiorns, Untitled (Alliance), 2010

22 June 2011

The Arts Council Collection has recently received a spectacular gift from Roger Hiorns and Corvi Mora, London.


Untitled (Alliance) consists of two decommissioned aircraft engines, which were once part of military surveillance planes. As with previous works, Roger Hiorns has explored further his interest in machine forms, and has subjected the engines to material alteration. In Untitled (Alliance)the artist has incorporated, into the engines, crushed forms of three pharmaceuticals- Effexor, Citalopram and Mannitol. By incorporating these pharmaceuticals, which are used to treat trauma and depression, the work makes reference to the creation and alleviation of anxiety on both a national and personal level, addressing the connection between global security and individual well being.


The work was originally commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago, and has been generously gifted by the artist and Corvi Mora, London. Supported by The Henry Moore Foundation.




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