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Gec, Stefan

Following Genesis (Ferrybridge - Scammonden Bridge)

Stefan Gec works with a range of media, including sculpture, film, photography and, more recently, computer animation. Following Genesis (Ferrybridge – Scammonden Bridge) (2004) is a two-channel animation that focuses on two locations: Ferrybridge Power Station – situated just north of Pontefract – and Scammonden Bridge in the Pennines, just 30 miles west. Both of these man-made landmarks are well-known to Gec – a familiarity born of driving past them over many years.

Untitled (Apollo - Soyuz Test Project)

Stefan Gec's computer animation Untitled (Apollo-Soyuz Test Project) documents the historical moment in 1975 when two spacecrafts, Apollo from the US and Soyuz from the USSR, docked in earth orbit together to work on the first ever US Soviet space mission. Using blueprints, Gec worked with animators to create striking black-and-white images of the vessels' underlying structures. Shown on two screens, the animation lays bare the beauty and fragility of this historic encounter.

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