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Holdsworth, Dan

Blackout 21

Dan Holdsworth creates large-scale photographs and digital images that explore both real and imagined landscapes. His series Blackout (2010) examines the other-worldly Sólheimajökull glacier in Iceland. In these prints, as in X-rays, light and dark are reversed: a pale sky becomes pitch-black, while the ground is a strange, chalk-white terrain. Calming and unsettling in equal measure, Holdsworth’s prints recall geological survey maps, images of Earth taken from space and eerie lunar-landscapes.

Array, from the series White Noise

White Noise is a series of photographic works engaging with the language of the sublime and uncanny, in order to explore the complex relationship between contemporary industrial society and the natural world within which our technologies and industrial outpourings are not only embedded and suffused but more importantly in the process of ecological feedback.

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