No. 429 SFold

Arts Council Collection: No. 429 SFold

Rana Begum

No. 429 SFold



For her series titled Fold, Rana Begum works with industrial materials, including powder-coated aluminium and steel, to create wall-mounted sculptures of an origami-like construction. The bright undersides of these works, painted with fluorescent pinks, oranges and yellows, cast colourful reflections onto the walls on which they are hung. No. 429 SFold emits a hazy yellow glow, enticing the viewer to move around the work and observe it from varying angles.

The work heightens the viewer’s awareness of their own physical movement, something that reflects the influence of Minimalist sculpture on Begum’s practice. With these sculptures, as with all of her work, the artist hopes to create a ‘simultaneous experience of calm and exhilaration’ and engages with what she calls ‘a common language of colour, form and pattern’ that ‘transcends nationality, class and gender’.


Image credit: Rana Begum, No. 429 SFold, 2013. Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London © the artist



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