Partners Study (Figure 1)

Davis, Kate
The woman in Kate Davis's pencil drawing turns her back on the viewer. Her torso faces forward, but her neck and head are twisted emphatically away, exposing only a short crop haircut and left ear. Affixed diagonally across the drawing is a large ceramic 'telephone' made from small slabs of white clay. The ceramic cord of the telephone falls downwards beneath the frame of the drawing. Kate Davis's early works examine the relationship between the body and everyday objects such as bicycles, telephones, ladders and microphones. The objects, often manipulated, cast or built from dysfunctional and simplistic materials, are employed as extensions of her drawings and photographs, either displayed adjacent or attached to the works themselves. The artist deliberately restricts their utility rendering them obsolete. They exist as furtive reminders of the absent physical body and its functions. Rachel Arndt
  • Artwork Details: 8 x 34.3 x 27.7cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: pencil on paper, ceramic
  • Credit line: © the artist and Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
  • Theme:
  • Medium:
  • Accession number: ACC5/2008



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