Palace of Culture

An Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme Exhibition


In collaboration with V21 Artspace, Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange and Arts Council Collection have created a virtual Palace using the latest computer-generated imagery.

Step inside and explore the set created by artists Tony Crosby and Laura Drayson with 10 artworks selected by children at Newlyn School.

Participate in any one of the 11, artist-led workshops designed to stimulate both body and mind, from offset drawing with Naomi Frears or dance with Rosie Taylor-Hingston, to creative writing with Olivia Lowry. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange's Exhibition Page.

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Online Exhibition

Step inside the virtual Palace of Culture below and see the works selected by the children at Newlyn School, exploring the supporting audio clips and written text. You can then go down to the Lower Gallery to watch specially created artist-led workshops in sculpture, collage, printmaking, dance, poetry, and more activities for all ages and abilities.



Click the work 'ENTER' in the image below to visit the online exhibition and follow the user tips (pictured below) to guide your way through the space.

The Arts Council Collection : Palace of Culture


- If this experience begins to lag on your devise, try reducing the size of your browser window or downscaling your screen resolution.

- Please ensure only one video screen is playing at once, as multiple screens playing can produce lag in the experience.

- This we experience is optimised for PC and Laptop. Recommended viewing on Google Chrome and Firefix browsers.

Artist-Led Workshops

Enjoy a selection of videos from the artist-led workshop series commissioned as part of Palace of Culture, a virtual exhibition created in collaboration with V21 Artspace, Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange and Arts Council Collection for the National Partners Programme.


Filmmaker: Alban Roinard

Featured Artworks

Hyde Park

Julian Trevelyan
Christmas Tree

William Gear

Stassinos Paraskos
The Shore

Norman Adams

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