Received Wisdom

An Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme Exhibition

In the first of Sunderland Culture's brand-new series of Arts Council Collection National Partner exhibitions, they present Received Wisdom – a thought provoking exhibition that takes its title from an artwork of the same name by artist Amikam Toren which poses the question – Who is deemed ‘creative’?

Received Wisdom challenges the notion that creativity, boundary-breaking and dynamism are the preserve of youth. The exhibition presents a body of work created by artists working in their later years and challenges ideas about what is expected of us at different stages in our lives.

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The Arts Council Collection : Received Wisdom
The Arts Council Collection : Received Wisdom

Watch: Artist Series

Sunderland Culture's Public Engagement and Learning Officer, Posy Jowett, presents a series of films looking closely at works featured in National Partners Programme Exhibition, Received Wisdom:


1) John Sheehy, Music in the Frying-Pan Pub Brick Lane in the Sixties, Date unknown


2) Rose Wylie, Girl on Liner, 1996


3) David Medalla, A Prophecy, 1989


4) Amikam Toren, Received Wisdom, 2006

Featured Works

Learning Resources

Creative Challenge

Make a paper doll chain of the Girl on Liner by Rose Wylie and her friends, dressed for a party on the ship.
Creative Challenge

Make an abstract artwork inspired by spring and the painting Spring Colour Study No. 19 by Mary Webb.
Creative Challenge

Create a self-portrait about life in Sunderland after COVID-19 inspired by The Prophecy by David Medalla.

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