Arts Council Collection



Four Corners, a Contest of Opposites
Piper, Keith b.1960
Fragments, 1990
Phaophanit, Vongphrachanh b.1961
Greenwich Degree Zero
Greenwich Degree Zero, 2005 to 2006
Rod Dickinson and Tom McCarthy b.1965
High Rise
High Rise, 1989
Wilson, Richard b.1953
Metzger, Gustav b.1926
Historic Photographs: To Crawl Into, Vienna, March 1938
Metzger, Gustav b.1926
House Rules
Finn-Kelcey, Rose b.1945 d.2014
I Have to Love You but I Don't Have to Like You
Baseman, Jordan b.1960
I Love King's Cross and King's Cross Loves Me, 5
Batchelor, David b.1955
KAPUT, 2015
Drew, Benedict b.1977
Keep Floors and Passages Clear, curated by Tom Godfrey
King, Scott, Rees, Dan, Popova, Yelena, Paul, Richard, Smith, James E, O'Connell, Ruairiadh, Housely, Paul, in't Veld, Martijn, Kennon, Brian, Billy, Vanessa, 'Sorry' Steffen, Andreas, Wakeling, Lance, Round, Giles, en koop, gerlach, Sawyer, Mathew, Mul, Marlie, Deshayes, Nicolas, Lynch, Tessa, Myles, Scott, Peter, Mick b.1969
Kid's Stuff 1-7
Craig-Martin, Michael b.1941