Arts Council Collection


2008 - Toby Ziegler

© Toby Ziegler. Installation view Longside Gallery

Catch This: Toby Ziegler

Longside Gallery
3 November 2007 - 6 January 2008
Toby Ziegler's sculptures explore the relationship between the computer-generated and the handmade, the exotic and the commonplace. Ziegler uses computer-aided design to render unique forms as geometric line drawings. He then works from the drawings to reinterpret the forms in three dimensions. The Arts Council Collection acquired Portrait of C.L. in 2006, just months after the work was made. This huge pineapple stands over two metres tall and is made entirely from tessellated plywood triangles stuck together with dark, oozing resin. Portrait of C.L. was presented alongside small-scale work from the artist's studio, on public display for the first time.