Books from the Museum of the White Horse Library, Non-Fiction

Kovats, Tania
The ten works on paper by Tania Kovats in the Arts Council Collection are part of a series exploring the White Horse, a two and a half thousand year old hill figure in Uffington, Oxfordshire. Kovats spent a year working with the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford, to understand the conventions of drawing and photographic recording of archaeological finds, the techniques of which she employed in her own works. Kovats assembled a collection of anthropological objects, records and books relating to the Uffington White Horse to complement her own drawings and prints displayed in the 'Museum of the White Horse', which she refers to as a 'travelling landscape museum in a horsebox'. The works in this series explore the landscape that has been altered through human intervention and focuses on human curiosity or fixation with the mythological. She conjures up fictional and nostalgic associations through the objects and imagery in her 'museum', exploring the symbolic value of the white horse. As Kovats describes, 'It is an exploration of our relationship with the horse as a symbolic and actual point of access into the landscape and the white horse as a mythical archetype.' The Museum of the White Horse travelled to various locations and was installed outside museums, on hillsides and racecourses between August and December 2007. Rachel Arndt
  • Artwork Details: Image, 42.5 x 57cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: pencil on paper
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Drawing
  • Accession number: ACC10/2007



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