Garden² (no. 7)

Quinn, Marc
This work' is one of a series of eight prints by the artist Marc Quinn. The series derives from the frozen garden that Quinn created for the Prada Foundation in Milan in 2000. 'Garden' amassed a deliberately out of season and cross-continental selection of flowers that would never grow together naturally. They were inserted into sponges, covered with turf and then set into silicone in a huge transparent tank. The installation raised questions about the relationship between the real and the artificial, the living and the dead, the beautiful and the sinister. Shortly after 'Garden' was completed, Quinn shot a single roll of 35mm slide film of the installation, intending to return at a later date to make a more complete record. However, he was pleased with the quality of the photographs and decided to use these for the prints. Eight photographs were selected. Of the 'Garden' and 'Garden²' projects, Quinn has remarked: 'what I like about it is that the flowers seem completely normal but in fact they are utterly transformed. They are transformed invisibly, in the sense that they seem alive but in fact they're dead.' Ann Jones Curator of Projects Arts Council Collection
  • Artwork Details: 80.6 x 124.5cm
  • Edition: 40/45
  • Material description: pigment ink-jet print with varnish
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Print
  • Accession number: ACC26/2000



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