Perry, Hannah
Hannah Perry’s practice encompasses sculpture, installation, video and performance and draws on her own personal memories and experiences, often in relation to the landscape and demographics that shaped her upbringing in the North of England. In her sculptural work, she is particularly drawn to industrial materials, which have long been coded as gendered through their association with the steel and automotive industries. Collaboration is central to the artist’s practice. She has worked with her father, a metal fabricator, on steel sculptures, as well as with choreographers, dancers and musicians to create performance works that sit alongside her objects. Gush, 2018, is an immersive sound installation in which curved vinyl-wrapped panels are suspended from the ceiling. Their shiny surfaces are activated by low frequency, rumbling subwoofers, making them pulsate while reflecting fragmented and distorted images of viewers and their surroundings. The effect is visceral, as the body becomes destabilised by the reverberating panels, echoing the physical experience of intense emotional states such as anxiety, trauma and euphoria. The installation offers a candid and personal exploration of mental and emotional health in a contemporary, hyper-networked society.
  • Artwork Details: running time: 3 minutes 20seconds
  • Edition:
  • Material description: Steel, car heat wrap, subwoofer speakers, rigging system
  • Credit line: © the artist. Installation view (detail) at The Kunstverein in Hamburg, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist. Photo: Fred Dott
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Installation
  • Accession number: ACC4/2020



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