I don't normally SMS women

Wine, Jesse
Jesse Wine, a sculptor who works primarily with ceramics, found his medium almost by accident during a period of study spent in the US. Wine describes his recent sculptural work as a ‘celebration’ of his chosen medium. The artist enjoys the tactility and expressiveness of clay, as well as the ways in which the works can be shaped by ‘mistakes’ and surprises during the making process. Many of Wine’s sculptures are autobiographical, dealing with moments or objects that make up the artist’s daily life. Wine refers to this way of working as ‘part expression, part therapy’. His work 'I really care V' is a reproduction of one of his recent meals. In contrast, 'I don’t normally SMS women' is an abstract work made during a period in which the artist was teaching himself about the process of firing, glazing and finishing ceramic works. To Wine this work is a ‘hybrid’ that reflects both his newly discovered way of working, as well the influence of the American ceramicist Ken Price. The title of this work, like many of Wine’s titles, comes from a fragment of overheard conversation.
  • Artwork Details: 49 x 35 x 20cm base/plinth: 120cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: Glazed ceramic
  • Credit line: Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London © the artist.
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Ceramic
  • Accession number: ACC13/2014



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