I Love King's Cross and King's Cross Loves Me, 5

Batchelor, David
In 1997, David Batchelor started a series of works incorporating factory dollies. The series emerged quite by chance: 'I had been working on ways of supporting intense commercial colour in three-dimensional works. I was looking for a horizontal surface on which to leave an acrylic panel to dry and noticed that it almost fitted a dolly I had in the studio. I had discovered the "monochromobile" - a monochrome on wheels. The shiny surface makes the colour appear almost fluid and the supports are physically and metaphorically mobile. I liked the idea that the works didn't look "fixed" and could be rearranged.' The collective title of the series refers to a work by Joseph Beuys entitled 'I Love America and America Loves Me'. The title also alludes to the area of London in which the artist lived at the time and where many of the dollies were found. Natalie Rudd
  • Artwork Details: variable
  • Edition:
  • Material description: metal, acrylic and enamel
  • Credit line: © David Batchelor. All Rights Reserved, DACS/Artimage 2022
  • Theme: Abstract
  • Medium:
  • Accession number: ACC16/2002



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