Kitchen table (from Dad's office 1996-1998)

Shafran, Nigel
.When I put RuthBook together, I looked at how people reacted to the sequence. I wanted the book sequence to work like an emotional wave. That's also the case with my later book ‘Dad's Office', which is more melancholic. I wanted it left quite open in that the subject is my father's furniture and bits and pieces in his office and I didn't want to entirely spell out what it meant to me, but to leave it ambiguous. That's what I do. It really is, that's probably the most important thing to say about my work - it's just what I do. Nigel Shafran
  • Artwork Details: Image, 47 x 57.4cm
  • Edition: 1 of 5 + 2APs
  • Material description: c-type photographic print
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Photograph
  • Accession number: ACC18/2009



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