Large S

Noble, Paul
Paul Noble is best known for his large, intricate graphite drawings of surreal urban settings, including those from his 15-year long project Nobson Newtown. These meticulous drawings of a fictional sprawling metropolis were produced using ‘cavalier projection’, a cartographical method that collapses the distinction between the foreground, midground and background to create an image deliberately lacking in depth. Noble’s recent pencil drawings feature bare legs detached from their owner, ornate doors, solitary eggs and walking sticks. In Large S (2015) a miniature leg stands sentry outside a tall, narrow door whose handle has morphed into a hand, raised as if to gesture ‘no entry’. The image calls to mind a shrunken Alice trying to navigate Wonderland, as well as the ill-fated characters that populate the works of Hieronymus Bosch.
  • Artwork Details: 263.2 x 65.6 x 8.4cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: Pencil, paper and frame
  • Credit line: © the artist.
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Drawing
  • Accession number: ACC36/2015



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