Leigh Bowery and Nicola Bateman posing for 'And for the Bridegroom' (1)

Bernard, Bruce
Lucian Freud's models, Sue Tilley, Nicola Bateman and Leigh Bowery (1961 - 94) posing for paintings are the subject of Bruce Bernard's photographs. Freud's fascination for Bowery as a model may be attributed to the performer's unconventional and imposing appearance, and perhaps Bernard is equally intrigued. Freud's paintings are notable for the way that they render the subjects' fleshy bulk. As he says, 'I want the paint to work as flesh.' Bernard commented: 'Having taken several photographs of Lucian and members of his family on a purely friendly basis, I asked him if he would mind my taking pictures of Leigh Bowery and Nicola Bateman posing for 'And the Bridegroom'. He consented and I took several pictures of the picture and models from different angles. Although not taken for publicity, one of them was used in a feature on Freud that I wrote for the Independent Review on Sunday.'
  • Artwork Details: 30.3 x 45.7cm
  • Edition: no.8 of 25
  • Material description: c-type colour print
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme: Figurative
  • Medium: Photograph
  • Accession number: ACC32/1995



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