Local Comics - Crewe (Simon, Lou, Mike)

Common Culture (Campbell, David (b.1957), Durden, Mark (b. 1964)
'Local Comic' is an ironic take on the loftiness allotted to artwork using psychoanalysis. Unconnected to any audience response, the comic delivers his/her act to an empty room, accompanied only by the microphone, lights and the video camera recording their performance. Trawling through the complexities of everyday life, finding temporary solace and accommodation in the joke. As their carefully timed routine spills into the void of the club, we witness the struggle to balance the rehearsed control of the professional, with the panic of someone who knows all too well the fragile nature of their entertainment. Common Culture, 2006
  • Artwork Details: running time:
  • Edition: ed 1/3
  • Material description: Three screen DVD projection
  • Credit line: © the artists
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Film and Audio Visual
  • Accession number: ACC4/2006



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