Night, Music

Beasley, Becky
'Night, Music' 2007 is a sculpture which was made after the photograph, 'Gloss (II)', 2007 also in the Arts Council Collection. Beasley's practice often involves a transition from sculpture to photograph after which another sculpture might be made. Questions of scale are key to understanding the ambiguities of relationships between images and objects present in Beasley's work. The object photographed in 'Gloss (II)' was made at two thirds the scale of the dimensions of an upright piano which Beasley then enlarged photographically to create 'Gloss (II)'. The title, 'Night, Music', originates in a short story Music for Chameleons by Truman Capote, which features both a piano and also a black mirror. Besides this, it refers to Aldous Huxley's essay titled Music at Night.
  • Artwork Details: 147 x 125 x 59cm
  • Edition: AP of 2 + 1AP
  • Material description: steel, HDF, wood, acrylic, glass, blackboard paint
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium:
  • Accession number: ACC16/2011



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