Lucas, Sarah
Sarah Lucas' NUD CYCLADIC 7 is one of a series of works made in 2010 that are constructed from beige tights and fluffy stuffing. They sit atop plinths of various heights, built from medium-density fibreboard and breeze blocks, presenting an interesting contrast of hard and soft textures. Lucas has often used tights in her work, and has said of these: ‘I thought there was something so human about them… something quite sexy’. These are fashioned into ambiguous, biomorphic forms, the stuffing bulging forth looks like dimpled flesh as the shapes twist and coil, seemingly folding in on itself to hide. However, the figure doesn’t quite present itself as male or female and tilts towards abstract, recalling the smooth forms evident in the work of Modernist sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth.
  • Artwork Details: 47 x 44 x 39cm base/plinth: breeze block each:, 121.5 x 43 x 43cm base/plinth: 100 x 43 x 43cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: Tights, fluff, wire
  • Credit line: Sarah Lucas, NUD CYCLADIC 7, 2010. Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London © the artist. Purchased with the assistance of the Art Fund
  • Theme:
  • Medium:
  • Accession number: ACC2/2012



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