Reality Flickers

Palmer, Katrina
Death, sex, loss and sculpture collide in Katrina Palmer’s new installation, 'Reality Flickers'. The melodrama begins with an encounter between the protagonist, Reality Flickers, and the Heart Beast, otherwise known as "the dog", "the fucker" or "the trickster". All that remains is a retrieved oversized steel locker and the reverberant narrative in its walls. In 'Reality Flickers' found and imagined objects provide the catalyst for obscure internal narratives and critical speculation. Combining writing, installed audio recording and live performance, Palmer’s practice relocates sculpture within shifting, capricious worlds and fictional spaces.
  • Artwork Details: running time: 14 minutes 14seconds
  • Edition:
  • Material description: Mixed media installation plus 14:14 minute audio recording
  • Credit line: © the artist.
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Installation
  • Accession number: ACC11/2013



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