Sliced Cube

Jones, Gareth
'Sliced Cube' displays Gareth Jones' precise manipulation of inexpensive materials and his subtle, playful subversion of established forms of abstraction and minimalism. The work began as an attempt to recreate the figure of the harlequin from an Aubrey Beardsley drawing, using a modular construction system based on a dissected cube. Together the eighty-one separate elements - handmade in card and covered in black or white Fablon - invoke the diamond-pattern costume of this theatrical character: an agent of misrule reconstructed within the language of Modernist art and architecture.
  • Artwork Details: 31 x 31 x 31cm 90 x 30 x 30cm
  • Edition:
  • Material description: card, tape, Fablon. Wooden stand.
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium:
  • Accession number: ACC19/2005



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