Transitionary 9 (Karloff, Kinski, Krystal)

Gussin, Graham
"The Transitionary series is made up of cut photographs from film stills, they bring two or three images together forming a visual collision. I’m interested in the way they come together to form a mix. Gender, genre, gesture and role are merged, coming together to form an image which is in transition between all of these things. In 'Transitionary 9 (Karloff, Kinski, Krystal)' the kind of desire embodied in the three images was the starting point. I like the idea that the spaces of these fictions inhabit each other." Graham Gussin
  • Artwork Details: 25.5 x 50cm Paper, 59 x 80cm
  • Edition: unique
  • Material description: collage (black and white photographs)
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Photograph
  • Accession number: ACC21/2011



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