Untitled (from the Other Men's Flowers Portfolio)

Staton, Sarah
'Other Men's Flowers' is a portfolio of text-based prints by fifteen London based artists, conceived and curated by Joshua Compston and published by Charles Booth-Clibborn under his imprint, The Paragon Press. The title is a reference to an anthology of wartime poetry compiled by Field-Marshal Viscount Wavel of the same title. The works responded to the brief of a text piece centering on the process of letterpress printing, providing the artists with a platform to play with words and literary traditions within their own practice. Staton's print consists of four areas containing text in a combination of upper and lower case and a range of typescripts, making political statements. For example, the centre right of the image has the text 'closed system' in a circle - the formation imitating the nature of the statement. The juxtaposition of text provides an insight into Staton's critiques of consumerism and the play between high and low culture. Steven Burridge
  • Artwork Details: 61 x 47cm
  • Edition: 47/50
  • Material description: letterpress
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Print
  • Accession number: ACC76/1995



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