2008 - Now Showing

Now Showing.  New Video Work from the Arts Council Collection

Film and video have emerged as increasingly important media for artists in the past decade, and Now Showing presented a short season of projected films showcasing a group of new aquisitions. Part of the ongoing series of small-scale exhibitions, it featured a different projection each week for six weeks. Whether more formal in their concerns, or engaged with the history and nature of the medium of film itself, the six works drew on a wide range of influences from home movies to mainstream cinema. The artists were: Mark Boulos, Luke Fowler, Idris Khan, Mark Lewis, Otolith Group and Rosalind Nashashibi.


Tour details

Hove Museum and Art Gallery, Hove (10 May - 22 Jun 2008)

The Changing Room, Stirling (29 July - 6 Sept 2008)

Art Gallery and Museum, Leamington Spa (17 Sept - 2 Nov 2008)

University Gallery, University of Essex, Colchester (10 Nov - 13 Dec 2008)

Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate (10 Jan - 22 Feb 2009)

Preston Hall Museum, Stockton (27 Jun - 9 Aug 2009)

Museum and Arts Centre, Lochmaddy, Outer Hebrides (22 Aug - 4 Oct 2009)

Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton (12 Dec 2009 - 6 Mar 2010)





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