Future Cities

What will our future cities look like? Immerse yourself in a narrative journey of visual art and poetry that speculates on the world to come. 

At the heart of Future Cities are four works of contemporary art, and four responses by poets – all brand new commissions.

The contributing artists are Graham Gussin, Alek O, Prem Sahib and Janice Kerbel. Their featured works explore romanticised landscapes, utopian ‘home climates’, found objects, intimacy, desire and community. Poets Selina Nwulu, Astra Papachristodoulou, James Wilkes, and Aea Varfis-van Warmelo open up worlds of new possibilities for imagining the spaces we might one day live in.

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Arts Council Collection and the Naional Poetry Library. Artworks are on loan from the Arts Council Collection. 

Book for a 20 minute audio experience or visit any time to browse. 



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