23 October 2021 - 8 January 2022

An Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme Exhibition.

Seen is co-curated by young LGBTQIA+ people from Cornwall aged between 11 – 19 working in partnership with LGBT+ charity The Intercom Trust, and SHARP, Programme Producer.

Through workshops and conversation about contemporary art the young people have explored the importance of representation within art and culture and the many sides of what it means to be seen. The expanding subject of Queer art involves an important history of reclamation, resistance, love and freedom and often explores personal experiences as well as depictions of LGBTQIA+ cultures.

This exhibition increases young LGBTQIA+ people’s engagement with contemporary art, allows them to create a platform that speaks to them, for new voices to be heard and for them to be seen.

Featured artists: Francis Bacon, Flo Brooks, Duncan Grant, Sunil Gupta, Maggi Hambling, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, Evan Ifekoya, Michael Craig Martin, David Robilliard, P Staff, and Wolfgang Tillmans


Seen is the second in a series of exhibitions curated by young people across the three Arts Council Collection National Partners 19-22 sites. House Share curated by Young Art Kommunity (YAK) at Firstsite, Colchester is on view from 26 June - 5 September 2021 and Sunderland Culture located in Tyne and Wear will host their exhibition curated by Young Curators, Celebrate Different, in early 2022.

The Exchange's exhibition page.

Venue: The Exchange, Penzance


Seen Digital Noticeboard

Check out the Seen digital noticeboard for all things related to the exhibition: events, community gallery, resources and more.

Arts Council Collection: Seen

Education Resource

Arts Council Collection: Seen

This learning resource is aimed at educators to support learning that is inclusive of LGBTQIA+ experience, individuals, and families via the Seen exhibition at The Exchange in Penzance.

Suitable for key stages 3 - 4 + (age 11 - 16+) and free for all to use.

*Please note when using this resource that reclaimed language has been used from previously abusive usage and some subjects include reference to violence and oppression. Please tailor your activities for the age range you are working with.


This resource is created by Decoder which is an artist led LGBTQIA+ organisation expanding the Queer gaze from West Cornwall. Decoder produces exhibitions, events, and resources from a non-binary perspective.


Download a free copy here or view the publication online via ISSU. 


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