As Seen On Screen

An Arts Council Collection National Partners exhibition.

The exhibition will explore the relationship between art and cinema, delving into the fascinating question of what inspires artists. Featuring work by artists including Fiona Banner, Anthea Hamilton, Hardeep Pandhal and Sam Taylor-Johnson, the exhibition considers the influence of cinema on art across more than 20 artworks. The works represent a broad range of media, including screenprints, photography and film.

‘As seen on screen’ showcases Merseyside-born artist Fiona Banner’s ‘The Desert’ - a five metre-wide screenprint which retells the epic 1962 film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. The large scale of the artwork brings to mind the experience of gazing up at a cinema screen.

Well-known film characters feature, as in Stuart Pearson Wright’s ‘Woman Surprised by a Werewolf’, while iconic films are referenced in artworks such as ‘A Nightmare on BAME Street’ by Hardeep Pandhal, and in Stefan Themerson’s series of photographic stills from his 1932 film ‘Europa'. Michelle Williams Gamaker’s ‘House of Women’, a film in which actors audition for a re-make of the 1947 film ‘Black Narcissus’, also features. Both Banner and Williams Gamaker reimagine films to explore their impact.


The Arts Council Collection : As Seen On Screen
The Arts Council Collection : As Seen On Screen

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