Video: Breaking the Mould Study Day

14 January 2022

On Saturday 4 December 2021, in collaboration with Arts Council Collection, Lakeside Arts, Nottingham hosted an informal and engaging day of presentations and discussion to shed light on the important contribution made by women to the field of modern and contemporary British sculpture.

The day-long programme of talks and discussions was presented alongside the Arts Council Collection Touring Exhibition, Breaking the Mould, and was programmed in partnership with Djangoly Gallery, Lakeside Arts, University of Nottingham, the day aimed to be an open and informal forum to discuss and delve into areas of research prompted by the exhibition context and themes. Areas of focus ranged from intersectional reflections on the relationship between sculptural practice and identity, formal and informal networks; alternative exhibiting strategies and spaces, market forces and the commercial context and the challenges involved with sustaining a career.

Chaired by the Curator of Breaking the Mould, and former Senior Curator of Arts Council Collection, Natalie Rudd, the panel included leading artists, curators and scholars who shared their latest research and thinking highlighting areas ripe for further investigation.

Watch the event below.



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