Arts Council Collection


Artwork Date

20th Century Icon, Mandala Series
Law, Robert b.1934 d.2004
3 - 71 'Image From M9 Series'
Cohen, Bernard b.1933
Tilson, Joe b.1928
4 Thematic Drawings For White Relief
Hughes, Malcolm b.1920 d.1997
6 drawings for Falling Figure
Jones, Allen b.1937
Hilliard, John b.1945
A (Blue)
A (Blue), 1968
Tucker, William b.1935
A Field of Oats
Eardley, Joan b.1921 d.1963
A Lunch Party
Behrens, Timothy b.1937
A Pair of Green Shoes
Greaves, Derrick b.1927
A Somewhat Peculiar Breakfast Egg
Distel, Herbert b.1942