The Blot Series 1. Lafarge Exshaw Plant, Lac des Arcs Dawn

Prophet, Jane
This project is concerned with the production of artworks using mathematical data, which have been translated to become 20 images and 3D objects. There is a renewed interest in the notion of 'detail', and a sense of the sublime, having its equivalent in cyberspace due to our increasing familiarity with fractal images and the consequent debate about the aestheticising implications of chaos theory. This has been given added emphasis as a consequence of cyberspace being frequently hyped as an unexplored, unconquered and unknown realm of the digital world of electronic signals, networks and remote human presence. The first two images in The 'Blot' Series were made in response to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection of British watercolours. Jane Prophet
  • Artwork Details: 76 x 228cm
  • Edition: 1 of 10
  • Material description: photographic print
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Photograph
  • Accession number: ACC13/2003



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