The First Grand National

Gander, Ryan
'The First Grand National' is an installation designed to highlight, and unpick the familiar adage that a picture tells a thousand words. In a small, darkened room, an array of coloured light plays on one wall, created by the test screen on a retro television set. While the obscured screen shifts through the spectrum, the viewer hears the voice of an elderly lady, Gander's late great aunt Deva, relating how she visualises theatrical performances heard on the radio, and imagines the coast of the British Isles when she listens to the daily shipping forecast, and how particular smells evoke memories from decades ago. In an age where media is able to rapidly conjure an image for every possible thought, 'The First Grand National' encourages the viewer to use their own imagination. Marianne Mulvey
  • Artwork Details: running time: 21 minutes 10seconds
  • Edition: 3/3 + 1 AP
  • Material description: DVD and audio installation
  • Credit line: © the artist
  • Theme:
  • Medium: Film and Audio Visual
  • Accession number: ACC23/2005



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